Sunday, April 12, 2009


So it's been a while since a posted anything and I'm just sitting here bored at work so I decided I would give an update. April 4th was conference weekend which was nice. Ryan and I were able to attend the saturday morning session at the conference center. A friend of his from Germany came to visit Utah for a couple weeks and was able to get tickets for us. It was a neat experience to watch in the conference center although I must admit I nodded off a time or two but in my defense I worked the night before and so I hadn't slept for 24 hours. Then we had lunch with Anja (Ryan's friend)and then headed home. Then my fabulous roommates Molly, Kara, and shaena threw me a bacheloretty party and it was full of laughs, crazy pictures, games and food!! Then this past friday was my birthday... I'm 21 woo hoo!!! I'm finally legal but not for any reason you'd expect. I can finally rent a car!! woohoo.... and now my car insurance goes down!!! I lost my health insurance...booo:( and no more presents:( Just kidding. It was actually a very nice birthday. I was surprised by my roommates and Ryan with breakfast and flowers. Red Gerbera Diasies and a rose...( my favorite flowers) and then I spent the day shopping with my sisters and cousin. Then I came home to a nice dinner made by grandma and mom and then spent the night with Ryan. We attempted to go rock climbing but it was entirely too expensive and we didn't have time by the time we got there. So we rented a movie and just relaxed. Then I had a bridal shower this past saturday which was excellent. Lots of family showed up and I got lots of fabulous things that I can't wait to use!! haha. Easter was nice as well but I had to come into work so I didn't get enjoy a nice Easter dinner and had limited time with Ryan and my fmaily. So i'm not the best with words So I probably didn't give my past week any justice but just know that I loved it:)

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