Thursday, April 2, 2009

Because everyone else is....

haha Well everyone here we are. Ryan and Karie Jury... Well I'm soon to be Jury... May 15th. And in case you wanted to know that is only 43 days away:) Needless to say I'm stoked. But I'll save that for the next little blurb. Everyone else and there grandma has one of these and Ryan mentioned it to me the other day and so we decided we would do it as well. Not to say that I haven't wanted to do this anyways.. it's just that i'm not sure i'll have a lot to say. So you'll probably hear more from Ryan. Plus he has way cooler things to say than I do.

So as I previously mentioned and most of you already know... Ryan and I are getting married May 15th 2009:) I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to finally be married to Ryan. (I say finally like it's been 10 years! ha) SO i'm sure you all would like to hear our story? Well i'm gonna tell it anyway. Ryan and I met the end of January through a friend of ours (simon). Ryan came to a bonfire with us. When Ryan walked in the door I thought he was cute but didn't really think anything of it because he was just another friend of Simon's I would probably not see after tonight. When Ryan first saw me I was wearing a bandana and drinking welch's sparkly. I was slightly cracked out.. which is not out of the ordinary for me but Ryan didn't know that. So needless to say it wasn't love at first sight! haha We didn't talk much that night until before we left. Then we hung out practically everday for the next two weeks. In that time he came to my grandparents with me and drove all the way up to Idaho in the middle of a snow storm with me. During this time we became amazingly good friends. It felt comfortable and natural. Shortly thereafter... Feb 1st to be exact we started dating. About a week later I realized that I loved this kid that I barely knew. I also knew that I wanted to marry him and spend the rest of eternity with him.... I know this all sounds uber cheesy but you'll get over it. Now i'm not normally the kind of person to just come out and tell someone i've only known three weeks that I love them but I felt oddly comfortable with Ryan and wanted to tell him everything. Now I just had to get up the nerve to put myself out there. When he finally got it out of me...only like 4 hours later... I came to find out that he felt the same way. We prayed about it and talked some more about everything and then decided that that was it. We were getting married.

Then February 15th came and Ryan couldn't wait any longer. He called my dad asked for permission and came to meet me and work to eat dinner with me. Before allowing me to eat he had to get out why he really came to see me that night. He proceeded to say a bunch of romantic things then got down on one knee and proposed with the key ring from the new car I had bought the previous day. Now I blame this on nerves but the best part was that he put the ring on my right hand and not my left! After I accepted his proposal with a huge grin and laugh I couldn't suppress I switched the ring to the correct hand. The following day we went and got a ring so don't worry I didn't wear the car ring very long. Although I thought it was very cute.

And now we are both anxiously awaiting the day we can finally be married. I don't know how people can be engaged for a year or longer! I've only been engaged a month and a half and i'm going crazy! Saying good bye at the end of the night is the hardest part. When you know you get to spend the rest of your life with someone and then have to wait to start the rest of your life it's a bit frustrating! haha But I do consider myself lucky to have found Ryan or rather to have Ryan find me. He is my best friend. I love his guts!! His face.... his ears.... his toes.... his goofy behavior... and I suppose everything else that makes up the man i'm going to marry! :)

Anyways, I realize I made this much longer than I meant too. In conclusion... I love Ryan! Welcome to the crazy and spastic world that is our life!! Hopefully in all my ramblings and Ryan's words of wisdom you can find some pleasure and a laugh or two;)


  1. CONGRATS!! I love Ya Karie!! and I am sure I will love you too Ryan. I am so happy you guys found each other.

  2. Girl, you sound exactly like I did with Ben. Love you!